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About us

Who we are

  • villaCymedica is a company based in the Czech Republic that has been engaged in sale and production of pharmaceuticals and veterinary products in Central and Eastern Europe for 17 years.
  • Cymedica represents major companies operating in this field in various countries.
  • There are more than 150 products in its current portfolio.
  • Cymedica is a leading distributor of veterinary medicines and diagnostics in the countries where it operates.
  • Cymedica keeps innovating its product portfolio with the aim to satisfy the needs of the market in veterinary medicines.
  • Cymedica is a responsible and reliable partner for veterinarians in five Central and Eastern European countries.
  • Cymedica is a responsible partner for large agricultural integrators in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Cymedica is built on solid foundations of a family business.

We strive to operate responsibly, on professional foundations and always be reliable partner to our suppliers, customers and employees. We provide technical support for products and represent suppliers in negotiations with state authorities in all countries where we operate. We develop, control, produce, store, distribute and market our own products as well as products we represent. You can meet us at exhibitions at conferences, seminars and veterinary health fairs, such as and Vetfair and ČAVLMZ in the Czech Republic, or New Veterinaria (Slovakia).


Last year, our company has been selected by the Prima TV station and Komerční Banka for their "Paths to success" show. We perceive it as recognition of many years of our efforts.

A short video of the show can be viewed at: http://www.cestykuspechu.cz/cs/videa/2-serie/cymedica.shtml