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Our Suppliers

  • Manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologicals
  • Manufacturers of laboratory diagnostics and analyzers
  • Manufacturers of clinical diets and food for pets
  • API Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of feed supplements

AB Science

abAB Science is a French company that specializes in development and production of new drugs for human and veterinary sector in areas that are outside the interest of large multinational companies. Their revolutionary product is Masivet for the treatment of mastocytoma in dogs.


Andrés Pintaluba


apAndres Pintaluba SA is one of the largest Spanish companies gradually penetrating markets across Europe. The company is engaged in development, manufacture and distribution of animal feed supplements, medicated premixes and vitamins for livestock.


Bimeda Animal Health

Bimeda Animal Health Company, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, develops and manufactures a range of veterinary products that are offered on all five continents in more than 75 countries. Currently, the company focuses on development of high quality products for treatment and prevention of diseases and parasitic infections in livestock, poultry and horses.


Bob Martin

BobBob Martin is the UK's leading manufacturer of products for pets. The company was founded in 1892 in Southport, England, where Robert (Bob) Martin started the production of vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs. The company now manufactures and markets a wide range of products including antiparasitics, shampoos and a range of products for daily health and hygiene of dogs and cats.




- náhledCEVA Animal Health Slovakia, s r.o., is a daughter company of the french corporate CEVA SANTÉ ANIMALE. In the last five years it has been one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical veterinarian company.





Dechra Veterinary Products is a major British company producing premium food and clinical diets for dogs and cats – Specific Series, veterinary medicines for pets and horses, such as Vetoryl capsules, Felimazole tablets or Malaseb - therapeutic shampoo for dogs. For Dechra Veterinary Products details visit our web site.


Dopharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded in 1969 in Holland. After more than 35 years in manufacturing, the company also operates in development of veterinary medicines, registration, distribution and marketing. Currently, the organization has approximately 100 employees. Their products include livestock antibiotics, anthelmintics, analgesics, anesthetics, vitamins and mineral supplements.



ECO Animal Health

ECO Animal Health is an international company that specializes in development and marketing of high quality veterinary medicinal products which are intended to prevent and treat diseases in farm and companion animals.



ESTEVE is an international pharmaceutical and chemical company operating in many markets. It produces Caniquantel – a high quality and widely used antiparasitic for dogs and cats, Dinalgen - injectable and oral solution for cattle and pigs based on ketoprofen. More information about the company can be found on the company website.


IDEXX Laboratories - Water and PAS

IDEXX is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic sets and ELISA sets.



 - náhledHESKA Corporation is an U.S. company, which specializes in veterinarian lab equipment and IN HOUSE analyzers.





- náhledHuvepharma® is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company. It specializes in development, production and marketing of health products for humans and animals. Its empress is on production and distribution of products for humans as well as for animals. Huvepharma is a private company with its headquarters situated in Sofia, Bulgaria.




- náhledThe company has a monopoly in the area of distribution vaccines for poultry in the Czech republic and Slovakia.




- náhledVetpharma is a spanish company, which has operated on veterinarian market for more than sixteen years. The comany presents its customers a variety of solutions easing the access to inovative products and services in the area of animal proteins production.




- náhledZoetis is the world´s largest pharmaceutical company. It offers a wide range of animal drugs for prevention and treatment diseases of domestic and farm animals.